Broken lightbulbs often pose a bit of a conundrum for those who want to be eco-friendly with their household waste. At Lightco, we believe that not only are lightbulbs made up of lots of different and intricate components, but they also pose a danger to those who handle the broken item.

5 Lighting Disposal Best Practices to Keep in Mind

So, how do you dispose of an item that is made up of filaments, metal, and thin glass and avoid hurting yourself in the process? Keep reading the blog as we explore 5 top tips for how to dispose of broken lights.

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Tip #1: You Can Throw Traditional Bulbs in the Trash

Here’s one easy approach to tick off your list: place any traditional lightbulbs that have gone bust in your general waste. Ensure that these are in fact traditional-style, bulbs, however. There are other types of bulb that have toxic material inside that would not be appropriate for this type of disposal.

Tip #2: Carefully Wrap Up Used Lightbulbs

Here’s a tip to protect both you and the bin man: wrap up your bulbs once they’ve expired. Not only does this protect your hand if you accidentally crush it, but it also ensures that you protect the waste disposal staff who have to carry your bin bags.

Tip #3: Take Precaution with Disposing of Fluorescent Lights

It important that you don’t dispose of these in your general waste. Fluorescent lights contain a small amount of mercury, about four milligrams to be exact. If you’re now concerned about how many bulbs could potentially contaminate the local water supply, then happily this type of bulb is easy to identify. Fluorescent bulbs are always composed of a tube, whether it’s in the form of twisted prongs, individual straight ones or a long fluorescent tube, as you might see in any department store.

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Tip #4: Don’t Discard LED Lights, Recycle Them

LED lights are a great environmentally-friendly option as they are actually recyclable. Check with your local recycling centre to find out whether you can dispose of them as you would other materials.

Tip #5: Check Your Local Lighting Store for Disposal Resources

When in doubt, ask your local lighting store if they can dispose of your old lightbulbs for you. If you are worried that you don’t have the resources near you, a local specialised retailer is likely to be able to help.

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