Floor lamps are a secret weapon of interior decorating. They are extremely versatile items that are also extremely practical. Your home’s style will be changed forever when you realize that light sources are for so much more than simply lighting up a dark space. There are so many reasons for floor lamps in your home and we at Lightco are about to share them with you.

Why Do You Need a Floor Lamp?

In this blog we give 5 reasons why your home will benefit from this simple yet game-changing light source.

Reason You Need a Floor Lamp #1: They Fulfill All 3 Lighting Purposes

There are 3 types of lighting; task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting. This means that your floor lamp can be used as general room lighting, to assist with lighting a focal area when performing a task such as reading and to draw attention to key features, such as artwork. They really are the lighting ‘Jack of all trades’.

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Reason You Need a Floor Lamp #2: They Are Portable

One of the great things about having a floor lamp is the fact that they are portable. If you decide to curl up and read by the fire or turn the corner of the living room into a puzzle nook, there is no need to strain your eyes in the dimness when you can simply move your floor lamp exactly where you want it.

Reason You Need a Floor Lamp #3: Floor Lamps Add Height to the Room

Many rooms lack proportion and look rather incomplete with all furniture standing at similar heights. Picture a living room with a sofa, coffee table, side tables and a TV cabinet; all of these furniture items are on the same level. Adding a floor lamp will add variety to the height in the room and give it a more complete look.

Reason You Need a Floor Lamp #4: They Fill Empty Space

It may be extremely obvious to you that an area in one of your rooms is lacking something. Some rooms, especially open plan living rooms, tend to have empty areas that are too big for most additional room décor – adding a floor lamp may just be the finishing touch you need to tie the room together.

Reason You Need a Floor Lamp #5: They Can Serve as a Statement Piece

Whilst you can match your lamp shade to your theme, deliberately clashing your floor lamp with the room theme can result in an extremely effective decorative statement piece. Choosing a unique stand or eye-catching shade can be a really striking addition to your décor.

Shop Your Floor Lamp from Lightco Today

Now that you know all the reasons why your home is lacking floor lamps; it is time for the best part – choosing the perfect one. Browse through the many options available to you here or visit one of our stores. Feel free to contact us with any further lighting questions or queries.

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