Your bathroom is a multifaceted space: it can be a practical place to get ready, a place that sees a high amount of family activity, or it can be a place to indulge and relax. Your bathroom lighting is going to make all the difference when it comes to all of these features. If your bathroom lighting isn’t set up correctly, you can risk being unable to relax or being unable to see adequately when getting ready in the morning or for bed.

Here, Lightco explores the best lighting options for your bathroom.

How to Light a Bathroom with These 5 Tips

To make sure you can make the right home improvement decisions when it comes to your bathroom, here are 5 must-read tips. For more home lighting tips, be sure to check out our blog, too.

1. Have More Than One Option

As mentioned, the bathroom provides a functional space with more than one use. With this in mind, having lighting options is a must. You don’t want to install bright, overhead lighting if you want to use your bathroom to relax with ambient lighting from time to time. Therefore choose a good mix of bright, practical lighting for when you need it and softer lighting for relaxation, too.

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2. Mirror Lighting is a Must

The bathroom is a key place to get ready, whether this is morning shower routines, applying makeup, or checking reflections. Mirror lighting is therefore crucial if you want practical lighting you can use for your appearance and morning or evening routine.

3. Choose Lighting That Matches the Bathroom’s Aesthetic

Your bathroom will have existing features in a certain style, whether this be the metal colour (gold or silver), the tile aesthetic, or the bathroom’s general appeal, which could be vintage, minimalistic, or modern, to name a few. Therefore, your lighting style should match the overall aesthetic for cohesion and improved design.

4. Adjustable Lighting Can Be Helpful

This is particularly useful for mirror lighting or lighting around the mirror, as sometimes you may need a brighter spotlight for some of your routines, or softer lighting for other moods, all from the same lamp. You may need to adjust the brightness or even have an extendable vs. retraction option for a light you can easily move.

5. Place Lighting Close to the Bathtub or Shower

If you’re enjoying a relaxing bath in the evening, taking an early morning shower before the sun has risen, or a quick shower before bed, then having adequate lighting in that specific area will be a huge help, especially if you have a larger bathroom you need to illuminate. Ambient lighting close to the bathtub, in particular, will create the right vibe.

Illuminate Your Bathroom with Lightco

We offer a fantastic range of versatile lighting suited to your bathroom, no matter your style. Use these 5 tips to ensure your bathroom space can enjoy both practical and ambient lighting when you need it.

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