If you have outdoor space that you want to make the most of, then you’ll need the right lighting. Installing high-quality exterior lighting means that not only will you be able to depend on your space being adequately illuminated whenever you need, but it also means you can enjoy your outdoor entertainment area late into the night, without having to worry about losing the light of day.

With Lightco’s great range of exterior lighting, you’ll always have the right options for your space, whether large or small and no matter the terrain.

Exterior Lighting Ideas for the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Area

Below are five exterior lighting options you won’t want to miss out on when optimising your outdoor area. For more lighting inspiration, whether indoors or outdoors, take a look at our blog here.

1. Flood Lights

Floodlights are fantastic choices if you have a large area you want to illuminate easily with one light. The adjustability of floodlights also means that you can easily position them in whichever way you need, as well as portable floor-standing floodlights to make movement even easier.

Not only that, but floodlights are great options for security lighting, too, if you want a bright and secure light to be able to view your entire space.

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2. Solar Lights

If you’re going to be positioning lights in your outdoor space, then your area wouldn’t be complete without solar lights. Using the power of the sun to charge them and have them ready for your evening’s entertainment, there’s no reason not to position these lights in your space to embrace an economical lighting solution.

3. Bollards

These are wonderful additions if you want to frame your outside area. They are perfect for lining the edges of pathways, driveways or lawns, and if you have a large space, they’re perfect for creating a path to signal where guests should move to the main entertainment space.

4. Spotlights

If your entertainment area is going to have a specific point of interest, such as a small stage or a screen set up, then spotlights are perfect for bringing focus where it is needed. Adjustable spotlights mean you can always get the set up you need.

5. Wall Lights

Whether you want to illuminate the exterior of your property while spending time outdoors, or maybe even line your garden’s wall or fencing, wall lights are key features for any space.

Create Your Perfect Outdoor Area with Lightco’s Exterior Range

Our outdoor lighting range means that no matter your needs, your outdoor area will be perfectly lit. Whether it’s a large public space or an intimate garden setting, we always have the right lighting for you.

Contact us if you have any questions about our exterior products.

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