The right lighting really does make a difference, whether it’s a small lamp or large overhead lights. Different lighting has the power to transform a room, even if you change nothing else.

At Lightco, we specialise in many different lighting options so that you can always find your ideal home look.

Transform Your Home Using These 4 Lighting Design Tips

If you’re looking for ways to change up your interior design and get creative with your lighting, these four tips can help. Find more home lighting ideas on our blog page.

1.Use Wall Lights

There are many reasons to use wall lights, and they’re all good ones. Focus spotlights and pictures lights are ideal for making wall art or other features the centre of attention. Wall lights can also help to open up your space and make the room feel bigger (and taller).

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2.Switch Lighting Colour

Shifting between a cold blue light and a warm orange has the potential to make a room feel completely different. If cosy is what you’re going for, switching to warm light is the way to go.
Additionally, you also have the option to use other coloured bulbs depending on the type of vibe you’d like for your room. Coloured bulbs allow you to set a specific tone and colour to best match what you’re using that room for.

3.The Perfect Focal Piece

Wall fixtures like centrepiece chandeliers are ideal for putting the finishing touch on a room. If you have bare ceiling bulbs or plain lights, an upgraded fixture can add style and character.

4.Illuminate Your Design

Make your rooms shine by ensuring soft furnishings, wall colour, and more are perfectly illuminated. A badly lit room will only mean you can’t bring focus to your well-chosen design pieces. Good lighting is the finishing touch to any room.

Improve the Lighting in Your Home with Lightco

We have many different lighting options for your home, no matter your style or preference. Whether it’s ceiling lights, wall lights, or LED lights, use our contact page to find out how we can help.

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