Many may be surprised to learn how much lighting can have an effect on a working environment, particularly on well-being and productivity. Think about it; a vast majority of the population spends a sizeable chunk of their time indoors, and the interior lighting of your office space makes up most of the light that your employees receive in any given week. With such limited access to natural lighting during daylight hours, it is no wonder that the type of lighting that your staff is exposed to is bound to have an impact on operations.

Boost Office Productivity with These Lighting Pro Tips

There are a few interior lighting factors that can affect how happy and productive your employees will be in your workspace. The wrong lighting can cause headaches, fatigue, insomnia, and strain, which negatively affects morale and creates a toxic environment, while well-thought-out lighting design can create a fresh, open space that encourages flow and harmony in the workplace. Keep these 4 factors in mind for a happy, healthy, and efficient workforce;

1. Keep it Real

Harsh, unnatural lighting can be too bright or too dim, but the effect is the same; tired, strained eyes, and employees with headaches and fatigue. Dim lighting can be exhausting to work in and harsh light can cause long-term problems like sleep disturbances and irritability. These can have a devastating effect on morale and motivation levels, not to mention the toxic effects on the body. Too much fluorescent lighting is to be avoided in favour of subtle lighting and open areas.

2. Be Natural

The best lighting technique to use to counteract the negative effects of synthetic lighting is to make use of natural lighting as much as possible. Skylights, picture windows, and strategically placed mirrors are classic examples of how open, airy spaces can create a warm and productive environment that is inviting and not claustrophobic.

3. Go Green

Think minimalism and energy efficiency when you design your office’s interior to allow for a free flow of light and creative juices. Keeping your office free from clutter and unnecessary furniture – which only blocks the light – will prevent your office from feeling stuffy and cramped. Making the most of natural lighting and subtle lighting, using eco-friendly light fittings, enables you to put less of a drain on the power grid.

4. Mind Your Tone

Remember that colour schemes and lighting effects can also have an impact on your employees’ mood and efficiency levels. Aside from your brand’s colour palette, remember to include calming, inspirational hues like blue and green to stimulate your staff and make your visitors feel welcome.

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Studies around the globe have shown the financial benefits and positive impact on productivity that are felt from focusing on lighting for optimal well-being and productivity and designing workplaces with employee-friendly interior lighting. To find out how you can improve your organisation’s lighting and enjoy the benefits of increased productivity, efficiency, and overall job satisfaction, chat with us today!