If you are lucky enough to work from home or regularly bring work home, you most likely have an office or workspace where you can get things done. At Lightco, we believe that bad lighting can really take its toll on your eyes in the long term and cause problems that could have easily been avoided with good lighting.

How to Effectively Light Your Home Office

Here you can find 4 home office lighting tips that will ensure you have only the best lighting to keep your workspace comfortable and your vision perfect. Read through the 4 tips on how you can effectively light your home office to ensure your eyes never have to strain.

1. Take Natural Light into Consideration

If you are someone who works from home during the day, the first thing you are going to want to do is determine your office’s natural lighting; this will determine how much additional lighting you will need. If you have broad windows that let plenty sun in, you will need less lighting assistance. However, it is important to note how long the sun is able to penetrate the window, as some rooms may become dimmer as the sun moves. Observe the natural lighting and how it changes throughout the day; if you work from 8am to 2pm, you may find that the natural lighting is fine, however, if you work later, you may need some additional lighting.

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2. Find an Ideal Task Light

A task light can be placed above or on your desk. This allows you to focus on the task you are working on by illuminating it perfectly. Some tasks require more light than others, so it is important that your task lights can be dimmed if necessary. Ensure that your eyes are never straining by investing in task light that allows you to adapt to the different lights you will experience throughout the day. Even a table lamp will ease the strain on your eyes.

3. Find Ideal Ambient Lighting

Many people choose to stick with the standard ceiling lighting that is already there, however, standard lighting is often not suitable for an office. This means you have to add to the lighting to make it more effective. You can do this by purchasing additional lamps and lampshades. Ensure that the lampshade can effectively distribute light around the room.

4. Save Space

If your office is in a little nook of your home or you simply have too much clutter, you may want to add a wall lamp or hanging pendant. These statement lights add an extra ‘wow’ factor and save space. You may even like the idea of task lamp that extends across from the wall with a swing arm; these not only look sleek, neat and modern, they also save so much space- perfect for a busy office.

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