Lighting is not just for the inside of your home – outdoor lighting is just as important. Not only does it light the way for late-night grill sessions and night-time hangouts, but it also adds a layer of beauty to your outdoor space. Here at Lightco, we have an amazing range of outdoor lighting products to do just that.

Why Choose Lightco?

We have an incredible range of all types of lights. If you want your outdoor lighting to match your indoor lighting, you can do just that! Check out our products and our blog for more inspiration. Otherwise, read on to learn three great ways to make your outdoor lighting spring to life.

1. Improve Outdoor Lighting Using Floor and Wall Lights

When lighting an outdoor space, most people choose either floor lights or wall nights. Why not both? By using a mixture, you create a beautiful layered lighting effect. Plus, you get to choose from a range of lighting, from floor lanterns to the Bulkhead Horizontal Bars White Perspex.

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2. Add Lights to the Trees and Shrubbery

You can improve outdoor lighting by drawing attention to nature. Particularly, the trees and shrubbery you have in your garden. Hang some fairy lights in your trees and bushes to make your garden look magical once the sun goes down. You could even use multi-coloured lighting for a truly spectacular effect.

3. Use Statement Outdoor Lighting

A statement piece is always a good idea, especially when it involves home lighting. Let your outdoor lighting shine by choosing a statement light like the Bollard Large Rectangular Glass. It’s the kind of piece that will catch everyone’s eye!

Breathe Life into Your Outdoor Space with Lightco

Here at Lightco, we have a great range of outdoor lights to suit your space. Whether you want large statement lighting or small lanterns, we have what you need. If you need help choosing, feel free to contact us! Our friendly team are more than happy to share their home lighting expertise to help improve outdoor lighting.

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