To have an inviting kitchen, it needs to be an area which is both functional and appealing. That’s where the right kind of lighting can truly make a difference. To create the atmosphere you want as well as being able to see your meal preparation easier, the lighting products you select will be key.

Types of Lights that Every Kitchen Needs

To make sure your kitchen is the best it can be, here are three lighting essentials you need. Be sure to check out our blog for more lighting inspiration.

Tip #1: Over-the-Oven Lighting

Your oven space is fundamental in being able to prepare your meals and enjoy your cooking. A well-lit oven not only provides a practical addition to your kitchen but also tastefully illuminates a key feature of the space so that you can always cook safely and keep an eye on all pans at once!

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Tip #2: Cabinet Lights

Lighting to frame your kitchen cabinets, such as LED lighting or under-the-counter lighting to accentuate the floor, can open your kitchen, having it feel brighter and bigger. Not only that, but cabinet lights offer so many varieties for style and colour. They can also successfully create a little ambience when you don’t require a bright, overhead light.

Tip #3: Overhead Lighting

No matter your cooking style, the kitchen is one place where you need adequate overhead lighting whether it’s simply to see what you’re preparing, to light up a dinner party or to illuminate the kitchen table while eating your favourite meal, perfect overhead lighting, whether modern LED or feature chandeliers, is essential.

Transform Your Kitchen Space with Lightco Products

No matter the kitchen vibe you’re going for, we will always have the right light for you. For questions about your lighting order or our products, contact us, we’re happy to help.

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