Using wall art in a room is a great way to add colour, texture, and a touch of personality. However, within dark rooms or during darker evenings, you may not be able to show off your art in the best possible way.

That’s where the right lighting makes all the difference.

Lightco has a variety of great lighting options to make sure that your wall art is always looking its best.

How to Light Art on Your Walls

Here are some of the best lighting products you can use to show off your wall art. For more expert lighting inspiration, check out our blog.

1. Use a Picture Light

Picture lights are perfect for positioning over key pieces of wall art. They will provide a strip of light to illuminate your entire piece of artwork, meaning it’ll create the perfect focal point and draw attention to your illuminated piece. Not only that, but they’re also great wall light options for the room as a whole.

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2. Position Your Wall Lights

Wall lights are extremely flexible in where you want them fitted and how. This means you can position your wall lights around the room in the perfect spots to ensure that all your wall art is seen in the best way.

3. Place Your Art in the Spotlight

Spotlight options mean you can focus exactly on the piece of wall art you want. You may even want more than one spotlight from another angle to best show off your piece. Spotlights come with flexible heads, meaning a variety of options for illuminating your art work.

Show Off Your Wall Art with Lightco

Browse our lighting range, or contact us with any questions regarding wall light options. No matter the style or size of your artwork, there’s always the perfect lighting option to suit.

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