Lighting’s impact on a room’s interior has a larger impact than most people realize. It contributes to the atmosphere, highlights decorative features and gives the finishing touch in capturing the room’s ‘mood’. At Lightco, we believe that interior lighting colour themes help keep the room’s theme consistent and compliment the design of the room.

3 Interior Lighting Themes for Your Home

We’ve gathered some ways that you can do this to ensure that your home’s lighting is perfectly synced with the rest of your home. Keep reading the blog as we reveal 3 interior lighting themes that we love that will give you the inspiration you need to find the best lighting colour theme for your home.

Interior Lighting Theme #1: Soft Lighting for Warm Tones

If your home interior is filled with cosy, warm colours then soft lighting is the perfect complementary lighting choice to finish off the look. Match beige, wood and other light tones with a warm glow to give the room a cosy haze. CFLs and LED lights are the best if you are going for a softer look. Dimmable lights also give a great effect, as the lower the lights dim, the cosier the room gets. A warm and cosy interior will lose its effect if the lighting is too harsh, so remember to consider the impact lighting will have.

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Interior Lighting Theme #2: The ‘Mix & Match’ Effect

If one tone of lighting looks too harsh in your room, then a creative idea is to mix and match a variety of different lighting: table lamps, standing lamps, wall lights, dimmable and ceiling lights. These will serve as decorative features, as well as give the room a variety of different glows. Having several different sources of light will also allow you to adjust how much or how little you want in the room depending on the mood you are trying to achieve. The ‘mix and match’ theme is best for a home that is homely, cosy or rustic, as opposed to a modern or minimalistic style.

Interior Lighting Theme #3: Bold Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures have become way more important in the last few years. They no longer are used to simply brighten up a room; they are now used as statement pieces to add personality, detail and colour to a room. Use your lighting to build on the theme of the room and build on the look you are trying to achieve. Add chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces and other decorative lamp posts to add some additional boldness to the room and tie up your theme.

Let Lightco Help You Light Up Your Home

Now that you know the importance of interior lighting themes and how you can make it work in your home, it is time to begin working on how to incorporate it into your home. Contact us today with any questions or queries you may have or shop some interior lights on our website.

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